Gajar Ka Halwa

Gajar Ka Halwa

This is what you need:
3 kilo carrots
600 gms sugar
300 gms GOOD quality ghee
6 to 8 half crushed and half ground green cardamons
300 to 400 gms Nido milk powdr
Almonds and co as per your choice and preference. I used neither here, but thats just me :)

And this is what you should do:

1- wash and clean, scrub if must be, the carrots. Shred them in the machine or by hand...

2- after shredding, I was left with 1690 gms... out of the 3 kilos..

3- set the lot in a non-stick pot, put the lid on, keep the stove on low and do whatever you need to do while u wait..

4- after around half an hour or so, the water from the carrots should have dried out. If it hasnt, u need to raise the heat a bit and stand at the stove and keep stirring so it doesnt burn..

5- once the water is dry, add the sugar, mix in well and again, turn on low and read a book or surf through some of the other recipes here :)

6- once even that water dries, which should take you another half hour at the most, your real work starts.. Heat the ghee in a pan - now this amount of ghee is personal preference. Less would keep it dry, and more would just be too much, at least as per my taste..

7- add the elaichis and let the ghee get really hot...

8- as soon as it is hot, pour it over the carrot halwa carefully. It will splutter so be careful!

9- keeping the stove on medium heat, bhunofy your halwa until the ghee is to be seen atop and the fragrance tells you its done.

10- now is the time for adding any almonds if you're using them. If not, add in half of your dry milk powder and mix in well.

11- once its well mixed, spread the rest carefully over the top, reduce heat to lowes and cover the pot. Let it sit on damm for around 10 mins. Be careful that it doesnt burn - watch it time to time.

12- now when you need to serve, uncover and carefully lift of layers of the halwa.. the dry milk powder will have formed a sort of thick khoya on top. You can gently mix some of it in so as to have chunks..

Enjoy it hot or cold, though I love mine warm :)

Note: whenever u need to re-heat the halwa, always add some milk to it - fresh or packet makes no difference, as long as it is milk :) That will keep its fresh carrot colour and save it from burning

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